How to Get an ADA Compliance Website Audit

Mar 25, 2022 | Website Services

The passing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was a watershed moment in this nation’s history. Not only did it give civil protection to people with challenges, but also made public accommodations in five different areas of public life. One of those areas, which the law refers to as titles, is in telecommunications. As a business owner, this title requires that you construct your website in a manner that allows people with various disabilities to access the products or services you offer. What does this mean for you, and do you need an ADA compliance website audit?


Understanding ADA Compliance

To better understand the significance of having a compliant website, it would be prudent to look at the ADA revised Standards for Accessible Design. The specifications set in that document also apply to electronics and information technology. Therefore, your website is required to comply. 

The ADA standards imply that every business adheres to them, especially if it is for the public’s benefit. There is an exception to the ADA requirements, but if you have ambitions to grow beyond ten employees, it would be best to get an ADA compliance website audit as soon as possible.


What if Your Website isn’t ADA Compliant?

Even if you think you should apply for exemption from ADA requirements, your website still has to meet the set requirements. In your best interests, ensure your website complies, otherwise, the repercussions that follow can be very expensive. 

For one, the caliber of lawsuits that will come your way will guarantee you having to spend money on a top-notch attorney. Even then, there are hefty fines for websites that aren’t in compliance. As a first-time violator, the fine you may receive will range between $55,000 and $75,000.  

If this does not convince you to observe the ADA standards, the penalties for repeat violations are likely to put you out of business. Each contravention after your first-time violation attracts a maximum of $150,000 fine. An ADA compliance website checker can help you avoid those fines.


How Can You Check if Your Website is ADA Compliant?

You can use various free tools, especially those maintained by the World Wide Web consortium. Better still, a professional can conduct an ADA website compliance audit manually. If you opt for a manual audit, the expert will use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

It’s crucial to identify the right one to get the job done competently. Website audits can be tough, particularly for a large website, since they are time-consuming. There’s also a high possibility for the auditor to make mistakes if they are under-qualified. 

Alternatively, choose an agency to carry out a professional assessment. A qualified expert is important as they can provide you with detailed findings after conducting an audit. We at Dedicated Designs can perform an ADA compliance website audit, provide you with suggestions for improvement and implement them on your current website. We can also build you an entirely new and compliant website if need be. 


Do You Need an ADA Compliant Website?

We at Dedicated Designs have got your back. We have the necessary experience and expertise to bring your website into an ADA compliance or congratulate you on an exceptionally built website. What’s more, we can use our marketing skills to drive business to your website. 

Why Choose Dedicated Designs? We are your best bet if you want to observe ADA compliance, and also set in motion your company’s growth. We can help you achieve your vision for your company by leveraging our website design, marketing, and business growth skills to your advantage.

Would you like to learn more? Get in touch with us.

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