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Dedicated Designs is a full stop marketing agency that can handle all of your needs and help you grow online with ease! We show our clients that their success is our main focus and we will work to find solutions that grow sales, increase clicks, and deliver the highest quality results. No matter if you need a website, an ad campaign, social media management, or something else related to marketing we can help!

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We Hold OUrselves To The Highest Standard

And Will Always Be Transparent with Our Clients

At Dedicated Designs, we value our client relationships above all else. We understand that without them, our agency would not be in business. We do not believe in hiding behind complicated business practices and big promises. Instead, we are communicative, responsive, and provide our clients with clear reports and feedback for all of their accounts. Additionally, our business practices are based on delivering results. We understand your time and money are valuable and therefore our services focus on what we can provide to your business. We will never make marketing promises too big or set you up for unrealistic expectations about endless online growth. 

Whether you are a one-time web design client or have a managed social media account, we will make your business our priority throughout our time working together. Dedicated Designs team members pride themselves in their dedication to their work and our most fundamental goal is to make our clients happy with their logos, websites, videos, ad campaigns, and more.

Results Based Methods and Planning

At Dedicated Designs, our focus is delivering results. We have a whole team of creatives dedicated to finding the best methods of helping you grow your online presence. Our services are extensive because we offer outside-the-box solutions that address your specific marketing needs. Our tools, strategies, and methods are proven to show results! This is why 90% of our clients stay with us after the first year. 

The Dedicated Designs methodology is simple: we get the work done right. This is accomplished by having a skilled team, a detailed process for all of our services, effective strategy, and years of experience in all areas of marketing. Additionally, we will always keep working towards success and constantly problem-solve for our clients to ensure our results go above and beyond. 


Our Team Loves What We Do!

And can’t wait to Work With You

From our CEO Josh Hanosh to our web designs or social media experts, we all have a deep passion for our job. We take pride in delivering results to our clients! When you work with Dedicated Designs, we are excited to learn about your business and product or service. We look forward to helping create your ideal logo, website, campaign, and more! 

Our company culture is based on growth, creativity, and dedication. Our team is here because we have a passion for art, design, marketing, and understand that your business is your passion too! When we work with clients, we are collaborating with them to create something all parties are truly proud of. 

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Long-Term Client Relationships

Focused on Your Long-term Growth

Our client relationships are our lifeblood. This is why Dedicated Designs focuses on building long-term relationships based on results and respect. We understand that our partnership is mutual! Therefore, we focus being the best marketing partner a business can have. 

We create a professional environment where our clients can rely on us worry-free so they focus on running their business. Our clients know that when their projects are in our hands, it wont just be completed but be done in a high quality way that delivers results. We are committed to your long-term growth, not simply what we can create in the now. Generating a marketing plan that can keep delivering over and over again is something we pride ourselves in. 

Top Industry Tools and Strategies

We Are Always Evolving To Make Sure Our clients See Results

Team Learning New Marketing Skills on Computer

Rest assured Dedicated Designs is on top of the best and newest marketing strategies available. One of our main focuses is growth, not only for you but our team as well! We make sure that each of our industry experts is keeping up with the latest trends, skills, and tools for all of our services. 

When you work with Dedicated Designs, you websites will be modern, your campaigns will be cutting-edge, and your designs will be timeless! We do not settle for less and will not rest on old techniques that no longer deliver. We constantly evaluate our services and look forward towards new ideas. Considering ourselves out-of-the-box thinkers, we may take different approaches at times to find custom solutions!

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