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Web Design & Development from the Ground Up

If you’re wanting a website that is unlike any other, both in design and structure, having the team at Dedicated Designs work with you to build your site is the answer. You will work closely with our design and development team to create the look, feel, and layout of your new site that you want and need. The final result will be one where your customers and clients will immediately think, “Wow!”, and will allow you to build your company on the base of a fast, reliable, and gorgeous website.

Website Options For Your Business Needs

Design and Development Catered to You

A good website can instantly gain your business trust, respect, and new business! On the other hand, a bad website can turn people away.

You deserve to have a first-class web presence. No matter your budget and whether you are looking for a landing Page, a template based site, or a custom and fully dynamic website, we have solutions for you!

Websites made by Dedicated Designs are modern and will deliver on every note. Additionally, having a website built by us means you can have it built exactly to your specifications. We work with you to craft a website that embodies the message of your brand in a stunning way!

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Courtney - Director of Web Designs

Building Your Website, The Right Way

As Explained by Courtney

Dedicated Design’s Web Designer

Regardless of if you are looking into getting your very first website built or redesigning an existing one, one of the most important things your website needs is the ability to grow and expand with your company. Websites serve essential or even vital functions for your business. Like any other tool, you want to ensure that it meets your needs for as long as possible! This is why choosing a company and team that knows how to create your online tools the right way for the long term is key.

Often when potential clients come to us looking to redesign their old site, they are not just unhappy with the aesthetics of their outdated site but they are also frustrated that their site is no longer able to meet the functional needs of their business. We see time and time again how carelessly websites are thrown together and the impacts that has on the bottom line of the company.

At Dedicated Design, our web design team has a core focus on not only our long-term client relationships but our client’s long term business model. Before we ever write a single line of code, we want to know your business’s needs and where you want to be in 3 to 7 years. In our initial discovery meeting with clients, one of our pillar questions is, “what future plans or functionalities do you see yourself needing?” We ask this because a website can be equipped now in such a way so that future needs can be easily added on without having to rebuild the site again.

Even if the client has no idea how their business will change in the future, our sites are built with the correct structure and tools to expand. Additionally, our sites are built with integrity so that even if you are no longer our client, you can take your website to any other reputable designer or marketing company for your changes and updates.

Search Engine Optimization Included

In All of Our Web Builds

Not only will we build you a beautiful website, but we can also fully optimize it for search engines.  For every single website we build, Dedicated Designs ensures we use the best Search Engine Optimization (also called SEO) tactics. Our team is up to date on the latest and best SEO tools and strategies to make sure your site communicates properly with Google, Bing, and more.

We also offer Advanced SEO services for long term strategy in climbing the ranks of Google if you would like your site to go the extra mile.

SEO Optimization for your website

Areas We Specialize In


A large and vital part of our business revolves around building websites for nonprofits. As Josh, our amazing founder and  CEO, runs a nonprofit himself, dedicated Designs understands the unique needs these clients have when it comes to web design and development.


Whether you have 3 stores, 20 stores, or 100, Dedicated Designs loves working with franchises and knows how to run and launch either one corporate site or multiple sites for multiple locations, without them cannibalizing each other in Google searches and more.

High Ticket Retailers

We have found our niché in this space. High value retail items have a very specific strategy for success in digital marketing and we have a formula that we have crafted over the last three years in working with high value retailers through the pandemic. We do not just create websites and ads. We create a customer focused ecosystem where they are nurtured and encouraged to reach out so that they can purchase items with a price tag starting at $3000. We know the sales cycle is longer with higher value items and our process is centered to take full advantage of that so that once they become a customer they then become your biggest fan and tell everyone they know how incredible their experience was in working with you. 

Web design example render

The Web Design Process

Websites can feel like technical and complicated part of your business. Perhaps you need a new website and have no idea where to start, or would like to refresh your current site and do not know what you need. At Dedicated Designs, we understand and we want to be as transparent about what you can expect when working with us. That is why we have outlined our entire process below so you know exactly what to expect when your project is underway

Step 1:

Discovery Meeting

The very first step of the process is meeting you and learning about your business, needs, and current pain points. We offer a free consultation and discovery session where we can brainstorm solutions, possibilities, and options for your website.

Step 2:

Proposal Process

After the discover meeting, our team will develop a proposal and plan for the development or redesign of your site. This will include a breakdown of the project timeline, price, and hours. Our proposals require no obligation or payment.

Step 3:

Finalizing Terms and Contract

If you like the options presented you in the proposal, the next step is to provide you with a contract to finalize the details of the project. Your terms, details and dates for deliverables for the web build will be clarified and structured in the contract and once you are ready to sign, the project starts!

Step 4:

Project Start & Discussion

We will meet virtually to introduce you to your lead designer/developer and to confirm the details, goals, and desires of the project before starting any drafts or writing a single line of code. This ensures that we are on the same page to start building the website you need.

Step 5:

First Draft Delivery

We will start by designing 2-3 main pages. We will then review those with you to get your feedback. Once we are in agreement we will create more pages based on the timeline in the contract and schedule more meetings to review the website at each step along the way.

Step 6:

Revisions and Review

The most important part of our process is communication. After delivery of each draft, we will discuss the site with you. If you like the direction the site is going, we will continue to build out the site! If further discussions are needed, we will take steps to adjust the draft until it meets your ideal vision.

Step 7:

Quality Control & Final Review

Final touches are a vital part of our process! We will go through your new site with a fine-toothed comb and ensure that everything is working properly. Once we have the build in this final stage, we will send it over for your review and approval in preparation for the best part of the process… the launch!

Step 8:

Your Site is Live!

We will take care of launching the site and ensure it goes smoothly. We will be actively watching the launch to troubleshoot any problems should they arrive. You can sit back and watch as your new site goes live!

Taking Your Existing Site to the Next Level

Already have an existing website? That’s awesome! If you are looking to edit that site or revitalize it, Dedicated Designs is the perfect option for you.

We have helped countless clients revamp an old site into something fresh and modern. When you start working with us, we will do a full site audit to determine what can be updated and if there are any errors happening on the backend that could be affecting performance. We will go in-depth to learn about your business needs and start rebuilding the site to match what you are looking for. Your beautiful, revitalized site is waiting for you!

Get in contact today and see how Dedicated Designs can help!

Mark - Web Developer

Functional Web Development
for Ever Changing Needs

As explained by Mark

Dedicated Design’s Web Developer

Web development can range from creating “smart” websites that serves specific content based on a user’s action or referring site to database management to custom member areas to CRM creation or integration. We have seen an uptick in database management projects where companies are looking to upgrade their decades old databases to something current and more robust so that the information can be either more widely used within the company or so it can be available for paying clients. A lot of clients have come to us with a treasure trove of data but with no way to monetize it. We help companies generate free cash flows by building a website that is a tool for paying clients or allows internal teams to generate more sales based on the data they have access to and can now manipulate to their needs.

Reach out to us today to set up a meeting to talk about your development project and if it would be a good fit for our development team.

Web Design and Development for Your Industry!

Franchise Websites

We can build the perfect website for your franchise! Our web design team has the expertise and skills to build multiple sites that are unique but cohesive. Whether you need multiple sites for locations or a single site for your franchise, we can help.

Retail Websites

Dedicated Designs is the retail website expert! We can deliver a fast, functional, and eye-catching site for your business. If you need an online store, we’ve got you! We can build you a fully customized site that integrates into your CRM or POS systems.

Industrial Websites

Our web design team will work with you to develop the website of your dreams. We have the experience of building multiple industrial websites. No matter your product or service, we will take your web presence to the next level.

Nonprofit Websites

Dedicated Designs loves working with noprofits to craft websites for their causes! We have years of experience working with non-profits and will work seamlessly with you to get your message online.

Green Tech Websites

We love making websites for Green Tech companies! The Dedicated Design web team can build you a tailored site from the ground up. We are committed to crafting a site with the most modern features. 

And Much More!

No matter your industry or business, we can create a beautiful website for you. We will become experts in your industry and products to craft a site that is everything you want and need. 

Our Web Design and Development Expertise Produces Results

Why Pick Dedicated Designs As Your Web Specialist?

Your website is one of your company’s largest assets. It is an important ambassador of your company and should be a seamless extension of your brand. It is a tool that your team and customers/clients use to accomplish the goals they have and it should work flawlessly for them because both drive success to you and your company.

If your website is more of an informational asset so that you can inform, persuade, and gain new business then we will make sure it is the most on brand, fast, and easy-to-use website so that the website itself does not get in the way of the user experience and in turn because a valuable asset at turning website visitors into clients or customers. We will connect it to your CRM so that all actions taken on the site are integrated so that you have the most amount of information at your fingertips when closing new business.

Do you depend on your website to aggregate and organize large amounts of data so that you or your users can then use that data to make important decisions? Or maybe you have large amounts of data on an old system and you need to move it to a more newer system that is more robust and gives you the functionality you need to better use the data. Regardless of your needs, our web development team is here to build you a custom solution that provides a large ROI far into the future. We are experts at data migration, custom backend development, and custom frontend solutions for the best user experience.

Client Success is Our Biggest Achievement

Read our case studies to see in-depth how our web deisgn & development services and tools helped our clients. 

Watson Roofing Case Study for Websites

Case Study

Commercial Roofing Company Website Redesign

Watson Companies Inc. came to us knowing they needed a new website. It had been a decade since their website was created and they knew that it was time to catch up to modern times with a website redesign. Watson is an incredible roofing company in the Sacramento, CA area. They are well known in the industry and wanted a website that shows what they feel makes them stand out from their competitors: their personality.

Common Web Design and Development Questions

Do you offer industry specific services?

Yes! From digital patient forms for any medical office to online menus and ordering systems for restaurants and retailers, we have you covered. We have experience working with a wide variety of businesses. If you would like to see our web design portfolio, click here!

Will my site be secure?

Yes! All of our sites come with SSL security at no extra charge.

Will I be able to have visitors submit information on my site via a contact or message form?

Yes! All of our sites come with standard site visitor information submission forms. The best part of your new website is that you will be able to export your contact list to a third-party service like MailChimp or Constant Contact with the press of a single button! We can also custom develop a message form that has logic built into so that it responds to what is inputted and dynamically shows information based on what the user inputted.

Can you build me an appointment calendar, ordering system, online store or gift card program?

Yes! Depending on the size and scope of what you want, there may be additional costs involved to build these and put them on your site.

Can I expand my site later?

Yes! The sky’s the limit with what we can build for you. Your website should be a living document and expand with you as your business grows. 

Can you help me drive traffic to my site once its built?

Yes! From Google and social media ad campaigns to SEO and blog post writing, we can find a solution that works for your budget and needs. Learn more about our marketing solutions or send us a message to talk with us directly! 

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