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At Dedicated Designs, we have a large variety of marketing and design services that deliver results. Whether you need a new website, a logo designed, social media campaign, or more, we have the solutions that are proven to work. Let’s get started on your growth today.

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Marketing any business is time-consuming and difficult. We have the experience and track record to streamline your marketing, saving you time and stress, so you can focus on running your business while we drive traffic your way.

When working with Dedicated Designs you can rest easy knowing you are in knowledgeable and skilled hands. We guarantee we can deliver you valuable results! No matter if you need a website, a logo, a social media ad campaign, or want to run some Google ads. As a full-stop marketing shop, we are an ideal digital marketing partner that can go above and beyond for your needs. 

 Dedicated Designs’ Marketing And Web Design Services

Professional Web Design

In today’s digital-focused world a functional, appealing, and dare we say – dazzling website experience is essential to those interacting with your brand. Our team of web professionals is ready craft your website in a way that speaks volumes!

Organic Online Growth

Building your presence online organically is often the best and most efficient way to gain more customers and grow your business. Dedicated Designs have the tools and knowledge to increase your web dominance on Google in your industry.

Paid Digital Advertising

Ranking high in search results is both an art and a science, but it should not break your bank, and you should always receive a strong ROI on the money you spend. We are the experts that will drive growth for your business.

Graphic Design Solutions

First impressions are everything whether your customers see your brand online or in their hand. Our design and media teams will create the visual tools necessary to win over customers and make your brand stand out from your competitors.

Social Media Marketing

From developing social media campaigns and interacting with followers to hashtag creation and community engagement, we are the top experts in the Sacramento area at getting the word out to your customers on social media.

video production

Storytelling, done well, is one of the most compelling acts you can take to drive new business your way. Your business needs to have a story to tell, and we’re here to help you craft that story and tell it to the world through first class digital media creations.

Marketing for Your Business - Dedicated Web Designs

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Why Choose Dedicated Designs

Our services are extensive because we offer outside-the-box solutions that range from web development to videography and graphic design to growth and lead generation. Our founder, Joshua Hanosh, started Dedicated Designs because he saw there was a need for an honest and affordable marketing company. Transparency with results was his number one goal, and we have built our reputation on that. We’ll handle every aspect of every process that is needed to market your business effectively.

Dedicated designs is the Best marketing and web design company in the sacramento area


Over 90% of our clients stay with us after the first year


Our results are combined with unparalleled customer service


Transparent services, effective executive, and clear results

We build beautiful and dynamic websites

Your website can instantly gain people’s trust, respect, and new business! In the worst-case scenario, it can even turn people away. These first impressions are vital. You deserve to have a first-first class web presence that gets potential customers engaged and interested in your products and services. At Dedicated Designs, we have a full team of web designers ready to make your ideal site a reality! We have solutions for landing pages, template-based websites, and fully customized websites. Learn more about how we can take your web presence to the next level.


Advertise your business in ways guaranteed to work

Advertising On Google

Learn how Dedicated Designs can fully optimize your online advertising! We have services for pay per click campaigns on google, youtube ads, and more!

Optimize Your Site and Improve Your position

SEO Strategies

Dedicated Design has a team of expert SEO specialists who are ready to help you maximize your reach on Google and start climbing up the search ranks!

Top Social Media Marketing Solutions

Grow your business on Facebook, Instagram, And More

Paid Social media Campaigns

We spend time analyzing who your audience is and craft ad copy with imagery or video that resonates with the audience we are targeting for you. We optimize budgets so money is being spent on the highest performing ads, and report results after each campaign.

Paid Social Media Services

take advantage of the best social media strategies available

Organic Social media growth

We do not simply throw posts together and then call it a week. We plan out, often with your input, what we are going to post, when we are going to post, what we want the posts to say, and relevant hashtags to use so that your brand’s social organic reach is as wide as possible.

Organic Social Media Services

Stand out with eye-catching graphics

There is an easy way and hard way to have marketing materials created for your business. The hard way is working with different companies for each part of the process. One for your logo, one for the design of the marketing item, and another to print. The easy way is to have one company work with you for every stage. Not only can we design anything you need to market your business, but we can send the designs to any printer locally, nationally or internationally and will work with them on your behalf without charging you extra for that time!

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Top Quality Video production for any industry

From drone footage to TV commercials and company or product promotional videos, Dedicated Designs has the experience and equipment to create scroll-stopping videography. We work to make sure that your vision is captured while ensuring it looks as gorgeous as a Hollywood production. We have the team, equipment, and experience to take any idea and adapt it for video.

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Whether you are looking to have a fully customized website designed, need a logo made, or want marketing experts to run successful google or social media campaigns for you, we have the solution. Contact us today by using the form below and take the first step on growing your business to the next level!

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