How to Make a Memorable Brand

Jun 29, 2022 | Branding

What makes a brand stand out in a customer’s mind? What makes them smile when they see a logo and consistently reach for the familiar package in the store or call your business line? Brand recognition, memorability, and how the customer relates to your brand design are the first steps to brand loyalty. But how do you design a memorable brand that has that consistent, positive impact? 

Designing a memorable brand for your business is a unique journey for every company. You want a brand that customers relate to, that is immediately recognizable at a glance, and one that conveys your brand personality in a positive and memorable way.

Where do you start? Let’s dive into the process of designing a memorable brand from a professional graphic design company and branding agency service. 


What Your Customers Love

Start with what appeals to your customers. Know your audience, what is relevant to them and what draws their attention. If your primary customers are athletes, coaches, and kids into sports, then sports symbolism and bold colors are a strong choice. If your audiences are gardening enthusiasts and home herbalists, then you might use a different plant silhouette for every product line. 

Consider what concepts and imagery cause your customers to smile and reach for a product or return for another service. 


Your Brand Personality


A Culture Conveyed

Of course, what makes a memorable brand truly unique is conveying your internal culture, values, style, and brand personality. What voice does your brand speak with? Is it relaxed or excited? Trendy or refined? Think about the kind of content you share with your clients, such as informative guides or fun facts. Does your brand and purpose relate to cool colors, tropical hues, natural tones, or brilliant neons? 

Do you care about natural ingredients, running really fast, or luxury experiences? Is your mission to save customers time, boost their performance, bring them a smile, or make a global difference? These are the elements that will make your brand stand out from the rest. Put something of yourself, of your company’s origin story, favorite animal, local mountain range, or the passions shared by your team into the brand design to help customers see why your service is different from off-brand alternatives. 


Employee Camaraderie

Additionally, a clear band helps your employees feel connected and part of the company. From branded apparel and merchandise to signage on your building, to the ways in which you interact with your customers. When your team understands, cares, and trusts in your brand they are motivated by a common sense of purpose. 

An employee’s loyalty to the company increases as they are more connected and secure in their role, which can be a driving force for better business results. When employees believe in the brand they will convey that feeling and positive experience to customers. 


A Logo with Meaning

A logo can be so much more than your company’s initials in a colorful circle. It should be more meaningful than the expected baseline logo. A logo with a deeper meaning packs more of a punch than a simple commercial symbol. In fact, your customers can sense that even before they know the story. 

A pet food company might cartoonize the owner’s dog and the original inspiration for the food formula. A sneaker company might use a stylized diagram of their patented support sole. Health food brands might use the logo of a brain to emphasize their passion for brain-healthy foods. However, the more unique the logo is to your company’s story and team, the more meaning it will carry. Details can make all the difference. 


A Strong and Immersive Branding Strategy

Once you have crystallized your brand with the logo design, you can perfect the full brand experience with a comprehensive design. You will want a color palette, page templates, layout designs, navigation menus, and design assets that are repeated throughout your printed and virtual media. This also takes your brand from just having a memorable logo to a strong brand that customers will recognize every time they see it. 

Professional design studios can help you build your complete brand asset pack and ensure consistent branding with each new campaign, even if your business has multiple locations


Creative Brand Flexibility

Don’t forget to leave flexibility in your brand. Customers often love to see a brand branch out with a new product series or seasonal twist to the brand assets. Changing the color palette and stylizing holiday or product line imagery in the theme of your brand can be a lot of fun. This also gives you the subtle flexibility to update your brand over time without the need to fully rebrand.


Working With a Professional Design Studio

If you are in need of a lasting and memorable brand design, working with a professional brand marketing company like Dedicated Designs is the best way to capture your company’s personality and achieve the immersive high-quality brand design that your company needs.

Start creating a memorable brand today by reaching out to Dedicated Designs. One of our graphic designers will be happy to collaborate with you to create a brand identity that makes a strong impression. 

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