Generating Inbound Calls for a Dental Client Using Google Ads

Oct 7, 2022

Dentist Advertising with Digital Marketing

Are you looking to acquire more patients for your dental office?

Our team at Dedicated Designs have proven results gaining leads for dentists by reaching people who are looking for a dentist in their area – and presenting them with the right message. In this article we’ll share a few ways in which we generate inbound calls to our dental clients using Google Search Ads. 


Bid on Dentist-Related Keywords

Google Search Ads allow business owners and marketing professionals to target relevant keywords and show their ads when people search for those phrases. This targeting process is different from social ads. Social platforms allow advertisers to target people by their interests. Although both types of platforms offer great opportunities to advertisers, search ads are very efficient in generating quality leads for services-based businesses. 

Furthermore, dentists can choose which services they want to advertise. For example, as a general dentist, you may target the keyword “dentist near me.” However, you can also target specific services via keywords, such as “root canal dentist” and “wisdom teeth removal [city].” 

You’ll want to keep in mind the search volume of the phrases you want to target, as some services may not have a high enough search volume to be eligible for Google Ads. 

Google Ads Key Words for Dentist office

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Inbound Phone Calls from 1 of Every 4 Ad Clicks

Data from a 30 day period for one of our dentist clients is shown below. The numbers to focus on are 58 clicks, 15 conversions, a 25% conversion rate, and $59 cost per conversion. 

Campaign Conversion Rate

The 25% conversion rate means that one out of every four ad clicks generate a conversion. A conversion is any desired action – in this case, a phone call. 

The formula to find a PPC ad campaign’s conversion rate is done by dividing the number of conversions (15) by the number of ad clicks (58) and then multiplying that number by 100. In this case we’ve reached a solid 25% conversion rate. 

The higher the conversion rate the better. Although the average conversion rate for a Google Search Ads campaign is 4%, we optimize our accounts to get a higher rate.

As you can see, each inbound phone call is costing our dentist client $59. By spending $888 in the last 30 days, we generated 15 high quality phone calls from potential dental patients. How much would your advertising budget be if you could generate phone call leads at $59?


We Track Our Google Ads Efforts With Call Tracking Software

Not only is conversion tracking vital for any digital marketing efforts, but we implement call tracking software for our Google Ads dentist clients. Call tracking lets us send weekly and monthly reports to our clients, listing all their lead information. 

In these reports, our clients can see when a call was made, the source that it came from, the duration of the call, the contact number, and more. Additionally, we offer our clients the option to record inbound phone calls. 

We also track the calls that we generate to continue to optimize and improve the accounts. The data collected is automatically pushed to Google Ads for the algorithm to continue to learn. Additionally, we take the manual approach to analyze data, such as which keywords lead to longer phone calls and quality call recording to focus on those inside the Google Ads account.

Call Logs for Google Ads

Professional Google Ads Management Services

If you are interested in generating high-quality leads with Google Ads for your dental office, we are happy to discuss if the ad platform is right for you. Please get in touch with us by filling out the form below or emailing, and we will respond to you quickly.

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