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Having a solid social media advertising strategy is a key part of growing your brand awareness online! Working with Dedicated Designs is the first step in developing a solid advertising plan on social media sites.

The Best Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid social media marketing is a complex process that requires knowledge of the best practices. Simply running a few ads and hoping for the best is not enough! There is a trained art of growing a business using paid ads online and expert advice is vital in the process. This is why you should trust the experts at Dedicated Designs to take your social media presence to the next level!

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Social Media Advertising Done Right!

You’ve probably run a few ads on social media yourself either going it alone or with the help of Facebook’s AI. It could have been boosts or actual ad campaigns and you’re probably disheartened or confused by the results. You spent $20, $50 or $100 to get your business out there, and the data shows that thousands of people saw your ad, but you also may have seen that your ad did not get much in the way of engagement or clicks.

​Now you’re here, on our website, wondering if we can get you better results and if it is worth your money to hire us. To both questions we say, “YES!”

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QuAlity Advertising with Expert Led Campaigns

The Dedicated Designs Strategy

Let’s get this out of the way now… we do not boost posts for our clients. We can and we will if asked but our social media advertising services go beyond boosting and involve creating detailed ad campaigns built to generate in-person or online traffic with real results.

We spend time analyzing who your audience is, crafting ad copy along with images & video that resonates with the audience we are targeting for you, optimizing budgets so money is being spent on the highest performing ads, and reporting results after each campaign.

Why Is Paid Social Media Marketing Important?

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While all methods of running ads have their own pros and cons, social media advertising presents a unique scenario you should be taking advantage of! According to statistics, 77.3% of Americans are active on social media websites. Having guaranteed eyes on your product and services is vital for creating awareness, finding new customers, and making new sales. The benefit of social media advertising is you can find potential customers without them having to search for related keywords or going to your site.

Additionally, the more customers see your ads and products on sites they frequent, the more comfortable they become with your brand! This gives you authenticity and recognition in your field. 

When you work with Dedicated Designs, we can craft you a successful advertising campaign that targets your ideal customers through complex audience filtering. This way, your ads get in front of people more likely to enjoy your products and business all on social media!

At Dedicated Designs, we have helped countless clients achieve this growth. No matter the size of your campaign, we can help you build an advertising strategy that is best for you.

Paid Social Media Ads

At Dedicated Designs, we exceed at driving successful social media advertising campaigns for our clients. We optimize the process from start to finish! With years of experience, we can help business grow on social media platforms with strategic planning an executing from audience targeting, ad copy and visual creation, optimizing your budget, and more! Additionally, we provide each of our clients with in depth campaign reports and data so they are consistently in the loop every step of the way.

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Social Media Influencers

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Social media influencers are a great way to help increase awareness, sales, and reach of your products and business.

At Dedicated Designs, we can get your business connected with influencers with audiences that match your ideal customers. Influencer marketing is a growing business and can be a key tool to making new sales and finding new customers! Get in contact with us today to learn more in-depth about our social media influencer plans.

How We Can Help!

Our company provides numerous solutions for social media growth through advertising. We have been helping businesses grow on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites since 2014. In short, have a wide area of expertise. At Dedicated Designs, we can use instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, TikTok, and more to grow your brand awareness, sales, reach, and desired conversions. 

We use our knowledge to focus our efforts in the right places depending on growing social media advertising trends. In addition to just running ads, we also can help optimize your social media profiles to provide a better experience for your customers. This includes focusing on keywords, creating recognizable branding on your content, and ease of use to find your products or services. 

Depending on your needs, we can offer a full advertising growth strategy which includes ad creation, audience filtering, and more. If you are looking to do something specific, we provide more custom solutions as well! Get in touch with us to find out more.

Why Choose Dedicated Designs

For Your Social Media Marketing

We have the highest standard for content quality and business practice. We take the time and effort to create advertising campaigns with real strategy. Our campaigns are crafted with the knowledge of what actually works on sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. We have the industry experience to help guide your business to a successful ad campaign. In short, we plan out every move we make from start to finish and throwing content together is not enough for us. We understand that our clients deserve the highest level of detail as if the business was our own.

Lastly, we focus on your ROI and that means engaging people who are or will be your customer. We’d rather you have 500 clicks and engagement that know you, spend money with you, and interact with you on a regular basis than have 5000 interaction where 99% of them are fake accounts or live in another country.

Common Paid Social Media Marketing QUestions

What social media platforms do you work with?

We advertise on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok. If you are wanting ads on Google check out our services for that here!

How much should I be spending on Social Media Ads?

That is a great question with many different answers. We could throw out an “industry average,” but what we really care about is what works for you. We’ve worked with budgets as small as $100 per month and as large as $8,000 per month. That’s the beauty of social media; you can spend a little bit or a lot. We will give you recommendations and encourage you to look at your marketing efforts as investments (because that is what they are), but the ultimate deciding factor is what you feel you can afford.

How many ads will you run?

It depends on the budget we have to work with. The more of a budget we have to work with, the more variety of ads we can run.

Do you charge a flat fee or a percentage of the ad budget?

We always charge a flat fee that starts at $150 per month if you’re an existing social media client. The fee increases in steps as your ad budget reaches different levels and tops out at a certain level even if your ad budget keeps growing.

Do you run ads to drive traffic to a website or for a particular coupon that is only redeemable in person?

Yes to both! Whether it’s your goal to have more people visit your website or step foot into your storefront, we have solutions for you.

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Whether you are looking to have a fully customized website designed, need a logo made, or want marketing experts to run successful google or social media campaigns for you, we have the solution. Contact us today by using the form below and take the first step on growing your business to the next level!

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