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One of the best ways to grow your business is to target social media. In today’s world, over 53% of the population is on social media. This is critical that you effectively reach these potential customers to unlock massive amounts of growth. Dedicated Designs can help you do just that. Don’t waste time, get your consultation today!

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Increase Business Using Facebook, Instagram, and More!

We have a complete strategy to help you tackle all social media sites and get your business in front of more potential customers! Whether you are looking to paid or organic social media marketing, we have solutions to best fit your business.  

Dedicated Designs Managed Social Media Plans

Focus On Your Business While we Handle The rest

You probably know by now how necessary social media is, not only for reaching your current followers, but finding and engaging new customers so that you maintain a steady flow of business through your doors or to your website. We’ve been managing commercial and professional social media accounts since 2014 and have a lot of experience using social media to promote brands and engage audiences.

We make it easy on each of our clients in that they can be as hands-on or hands-off as they want. We can literally take care of everything so people will think it’s all you behind the scenes, or we can post and interact normally while you post and engage above and beyond what we do. The key is finding a balance that you’re comfortable with and allows you to focus on the aspects of your business that only you can handle.

Full Service Social Media Marketing

At Dedicated Designs, we can manage your social media presence from start to finish. From posting content, engaging with your audiences, running ads, or creating brand awareness, Dedicated Designs has your back. In short, we can do it all! When you work with our social media team, you can rest assured that every corner these sites will be covered. We can develop custom plans to meet your needs, whether you want to run ads or have someone simply create content for you.

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Social Media Management

Social Media is a full-time job. Dedicated Designs can help you manage your online presence by posting content, responding to customers, and engaging your audience!

Organic Social Media Growth

Organic Social Media Marketing

Dedicated Designs knows how to grow your audience in the most cost effective way possible! Let us increase your audience, views, and engagements organically. 
Paid Social Media Growth

Paid Social media Advertising

Advertise your business to key potential customers! At Dedicated Designs, we know how to target key corners of social media and help you convert customers!

Grow On Social Media Organically

Organic social media marketing is not as simple as adding a few hashtags to some posts or trying to appeal to the latest online trends. There is a trained art of growing a business organically online and expert advice is vital in the process. At Dedicated Designs, we have the experience and knowledge to guide your company to new customers without paying for an ad budget. We will develop a custom organic social media strategy proven to work!

Advertising on Social Media

With social media advertising, you can easily target potential customers and grow your business! At Dedicated Designs, we have helped countless clients reach new audiences through targeted ads. We have the knowledge and skill to develop a winning advertising strategy that actually converts. Additionally, we focus in and find you actual customers. It is not our goal to get you the most clicks, but rather we want to target quality audiences who have a higher chance of walking into your store, visiting your website, or using your product.

Why Choose Dedicated Designs To Run Your Social Media

When you work with Dedicated Designs, you are not simply just our client. We value and nurture our professional relationships and provide nothing other than white glove service. Your success is our success, and we will always be transparent with you when managing your social media marketing. Our social clients get clear feedback and results in the form of dashboards. We make sure we breakdown the statistics and results in easy-to-understand ways. We assure that you’ll never be in the dark when working with us as transparency is one of greatest assets. 

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Common Social Media Marketing QUestions

What Social Media Platforms do you work with?

We help clients on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Yelp, and much more! Our standard Social Media Package starts with Facebook, Instagram, and GMB but can be expanded to include TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more!

What if I don’t have content?

You have three options. The first being to hire us to take professional pictures for your social media account either monthly or quarterly. The second is to have you (or someone you trust) begin to start taking pictures and videos and then send them to us as you can. The third option, and we want to be completely upfront with you, is if you cannot do either option one or two, do not hire us to manage your social media. If we couldn’t get real pictures of your business and what you do, then we would have to use stock photography, and stock photography just doesn’t work. People can spot it from a mile away and will not engage with your posts, thus wasting the money you are paying us.

Will you post on my social media for me?

Yes! We can fully manage your social media presence if you wish. This includes creating posts, commenting, responding to your audience, and keeping them engaged. If you would like to learn more about our Social Media Management services, read more here.

Can you get me more likes on posts?

We have multiple tactics when it comes to increasing engagement with social media marketing. We can create posts and use the best hashtag and organic techniques to reach audiences or run engagement campaigns to increase brand awareness.

Will I still have access to my accounts?

Of course! While we can post and advertise on your behalf you will still have full access to your business accounts. You can even create your own posts in addition to what we create for you. 

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Whether you are looking to have a fully customized website designed, need a logo made, or want marketing experts to run successful google or social media campaigns for you, we have the solution. Contact us today by using the form below and take the first step on growing your business to the next level!

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