Generating Quality Leads for a Senior Home Care Client Using Google Ads: Case Study

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According to Insider Intelligence, the United States home care market is expected to grow from $100 billion in 2016 to $225 billion by 2024. One of the most efficient ways to generate new leads and grow the number of clients your caregivers serve is to work with a highly skilled digital marketing agency that has experience running Google Ads that target your key demographic. 

Below, you will see first hand how we have positively impacted one of our senior care home clients’ businesses in terms of lead generation and growth of the number of seniors they care for. 


Different Approaches to Generate Qualified Leads

Although Google Search Ads strategies mainly revolve around the keywords you decide to bid on, there are multiple approaches you can take on top of that to stand out from competitors. These methods include focusing on different people who would be searching for the keywords in your campaign. 

For example, adults 40 years and older who are searching for senior care facilities in place of their parents. One way you could stand out from the crowd here is to tailor headlines and ad descriptions toward this group. 

Responsive search ads allow you to upload up to 15 headlines. These headlines can speak directly to the person who is currently caring for the aging senior. Most often it is these individuals who are thinking about getting help for their loved ones. Headlines such as “Want Better Care for Your Loved One?” or “Get The Help You and Your Loved One Deserve” can help persuade someone to click the ad because the headline speaks directly to the person who is searching for care options. 

The beauty of responsive Google Ads is that we can also add in keywords that relate to people who need assistance because of injuries or disabilities, such as “Do You Need Help at Home?” Relatable headlines help improve the clickthrough-rate and increase the quality score in your Google Ads account. 

Senior Home Care Google Ads clickthrough rates

Similarly, as you see in the illustration above, you can observe different audiences and make bid adjustments to optimize your account. If you observe how parents with children of different ages respond to your ads, you may notice that parents with children in their high teens are clicking on your ads more than parents of toddlers. If so, you can increase and decrease bids, respectively. 

Generating Inbound Phone Calls From Google Ads Traffic

There are two options to generate inbound phone calls from Google Ads; directly from the ad on the search results page or your website after clicking on your ad. As you can see in the table below, 11 calls from the website (after someone clicks on their ad) and 21 calls from within the Google results page were generated within a month from the Ad campaign managed by Dedicated Designs.

Senior Home Care Google call extensions

Continuing off of the table above, let’s walk through the metrics. For one of our senior home care clients, they generated 1,729 impressions within the last 30 days. An “impression” is anytime an ad is shown on the results page. In this month, there were 148 clicks from the ad to our client’s landing page. 

A clickthrough-rate (CTR) of 8.56% is much higher than the average CTR for a Google Ads account at 2%. In other words, an 8% CTR means that out of every 100 people who get shown our ads, eight people click on them. CTR can be calculated by dividing the number of clicks and impressions. In this case, the higher, the better. 

Then we have $6.41 for the cost-per-click (CPC), which equals the total advertising spend of $948.42. Finally, if we divide the number of conversions generated, in this case, 33 total, by the number of clicks, we get a conversion rate (CVR) of 22.30%. Similar to CTR, the higher the CVR, the better, and 22% is also higher than the average Google Ads account at 4%

We Track Our Google Ads Efforts With Call Tracking Software

Not only is conversion tracking vital for any digital marketing efforts, we also implement call tracking software for all of our Google Ads senior home care clients. Call tracking lets us send weekly and monthly reports to our clients, listing all their lead information. 

In these reports, our clients can see when a call was made, the source that it came from, the duration of the call, the contact, and what keyword generated the inbound call. Additionally, we offer our clients the option to record inbound phone calls. 

Senior Home Care Call Tracking

We also track the calls we generate to continue to optimize and improve the accounts. The data collected is automatically pushed to Google Ads for the algorithm to continue to learn. Additionally, we take the manual approach to analyze data, such as which keywords lead to longer phone calls and quality call recording to focus on those inside the Google Ads account.


List of Important Metrics

  • 8.56% clickthrough-rate (CTR) for one of our senior home care clients (over a 300% increase from the average).
  • 22.30% conversion rate (CVR) for one of our senior home care clients (over a 450% increase from the average).
  • 32 inbound phone call leads generated in the last 30 days.
  • Cost per lead is $28.74. 


Google Ads Management for Senior Home Care Agencies

If you are interested in generating high-quality leads with Google Ads for your senior home care agency, we’d be happy to discuss if Google Ads management services are right for you. Please get in touch with us and we will respond to you quickly. 

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