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If your existing website has issues or is underperforming on Google, Dedicated Designs can do a full site audit to identify and alleviate potential issues. Our process is fast, efficient, and will get your site communicating properly with search engines. 

Optimize Your Existing Website

Site audits identify problems that could be losing you traffic and customers! Dedicated Design offers fast and efficient site audits to let you know plainly what needs to be done to get your website to its best version possible. Additionally, our Dedicated Designs team can fix issues that are brought up in your site audit. Take the first step to optimizing your website today!

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Identify and Alleviate Problems

How Site Audits Work and Help You

Site Audits are an important marketing tactic to make sure your website and webpages are optimized, fast, and functioning properly. Most people browsing the internet don’t want to deal with things like slow-to-load web pages or broken links, so search engines like Google prioritize websites that function well. The Dedicated Designs’ SEO team knows how to identify any potential issues and quickly eliminate them!

Our SEO Site Audit Process

If you are looking to best optimize your site for search engines using SEO strategies, the first step is to get in contact with us! Once you send us the site you wish to be analyzed, we will take some time investigating what we can do to help. Once we have gone through each corner of your website, we will give you detailed feedback on what needs to be changed, updated, added or removed. Once you give us the ok, we will start a full SEO rework on your site! 

We ensure that our team will be thorough, detailed, fast, and efficient when it comes to making any updates or edits on your site. We want to make sure there is little to no downtime on your web presence. 

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What We Look For In a Site Audit:

  • Site Organization
  • Site Speed
  • Ideal Keyword Use and Density
  • Image Optimization
  • Potential Files to Clean Up
  • Any Errors That Could Be Hurting Your Presence
  • Page Layout
  • Content and Information delivery
  • Proper Links
  • And More!

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Full SEO Optimization Available

Is Your Site Just NOt Performing?

At Dedicated Designs, we have a full team of SEO experts. After we perform an audit on your site, we will make the changes necessary to get it performing by using the top SEO strategies. SEO, also called Search Engine Optimization, is the process of optimizing your site so that it is seen as relevant and valuable by search engines.

The end goal is to have search engines serve your website (web pages) as results for relevant searches, delivering quality content to your website’s visitors. Our site audits are designed to get your website performing and communicating properly with Google!

Transparent Audting, ALways

Our Commitment to Our Clients

Throughout the SEO audit process, we will always be upfront and clear with what exactly is being changed or what needs to be done on your site. We guarantee the changes we are making are ones that will improve the site’s performance and can give a full breakdown of how, why, and when these updates will be applied.  

We value our clients and are committed to being honest. In some instances, websites can be too out of date or problematic for edits to be helpful. If that is the case, we will be upfront with you! We will never waste your time or money making needless changes just to get a buck. In these instances, we can recommend starting fresh with a fully optimized new website. Dedicated Designs can always build you a custom website from scratch to meet all of your needs!

Need A New Website or want to refresh Your Existing Site?

We have a full web design team in addition to our SEO team! If necessary, we can build you a website that is entirely optimized for search engines like Google and Bing. 

Whether you would like to rebuild your existing site or need a new website built from scratch, Dedicated Designs can help! Learn more about our web design services now. 

Common Site Audit QUestions

After you complete the site audit, will you make the changes for me?

Our site audit is a separate service than web edits. When we do a site audit for you, we will deliver you a clear breakdown of what needs to be done and changed and also include an estimate of how much it will cost to get your site fully search engine optimized!

What areas of my site do you check?

We will do a full site audit of the frontend and backend of your website. We will make sure to check all areas both visible and invisible that google and other search engines take into account for SEO and rankings.

Will the changes be immediate?

The changes themselves will show up on the site once we publish them, but long-term SEO effects and growth occur over time. You may see your site start to perform better once initial changes have been applied! Often, it takes time for the impact on Google to take effect in a larger way. It is important to remember that SEO and Google rankings are always changing. To have your site perform best and keep climbing up the Google ranks it takes addition of content and edits on a regular basis.

Do you give clients activity reports for growth?

Yes! Depending on your plan, we provide clear reports that document your online growth. We value transparency and will always communicate our clients. This is why we send regular reports on your accounts.

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