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Email Marketing is made easy by working with Dedicated Designs. We can help create and execute a winning email campaign that will fully grab the attention of your audience and push conversions!

Get More Opens and Conversions

Emailing existing and new customers is a great way to grow sales, develop a committed audience, and increase brand awareness. If you want to fully optimize your email campaigns, get in touch with Dedicated Designs and we can talk strategy.

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Why Choose Dedicated Designs for Email Marketing

And How We Can Boost Your Campaigns

We have a wide variety of happy clients from many different industries!  We have helped each better reach their email audiences with effective and proven to work tactics. Dedicated Designs has solutions whether you are sending out a weekly newsletter, following up with abandoned carts, or trying to convert sales from a list you have.

Crafting Attention Grabbing Content

A big part of email marketing strategy is to create quality content that your audience will love and open. The most important aspect of nurturing and growing your email list is not sending junk, spam, or poor quality emails that people will immediately unsubscribe from. At Dedicated Designs, the content we will craft for your emails is of the highest quality and important to people who are in your industry or buying your products.

Email Campaigns That Work

Learn how Dedicated Designs Can Help

Our marketing professionals are knowledgeable about the best and newest techniques for email marketing. We ensure our clients that we will keep working with your lists to grow open rates, decrease unsubscribes, and boost click throughs and conversions. We do not just throw together some content and send it out mindlessly. Our email strategies are thoroughly planned out! We monitor and analyze results, using analytics to best determine what your lists wants and needs are.

Writing web page content for SEO optimzation

Building Email Lists

Finding The Right Audiences That Convert

At Dedicated Designs, we can also help you grow your email lists! Even if you are starting from scratch and have no one to email yet, we can develop strategies to help you get a list of dedicated subscribers who care about your content. Our promise to our clients is to provide them with quality methods that will deliver results. This means our techniques aim to deliver 100 quality emails rather than 10000 spam emails that will never convert, likely remain unopened, and not bring traffic to your store. This process does take more time and is more work but is proven to be most effective.

Industries We Have Run Email Campaigns For

  • Restaurants
  • Crafts
  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Lifestyle and Culture
  • Apparel
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • And more!

Your Product Will Become OUr Passion

The Dedicated Designs Promise

It is important to be experts in the field when it comes to creating content for email campaigns. Our promise to our clients is to always be informed and knowledgeable in their product of field or work, or follow the lead of someone who is. We will never send out half-researched or empty content! Dedicated Designs is committed to learning about your business and making sure we are as informed as possible to best serve your audiences. We will make sure to work directly with you to ensure our campaigns and emails are inline with your needs and wants.

Common Email Marketing QUestions

Can I buy email lists to find potential customers?

Quite honestly, bought email lists will get you nowhere 99% of the time. By using those for campaigns, you are simply just adding to the spam and junk people are receiving in their mailbox. This harms your brand and reputation and is altogether not worth it.

How soon will I start seeing results?

With email campaigns, it depends on your audience. Depending on your service plan and whether it includes helping build your email lists, results may take a bit more time. Our goal is to constantly work so that you see an increase in opens and click through rates!

Do you give clients activity reports for growth?

Yes! Depending on your plan, we provide clear reports that document your online growth. We value transparency and will always communicate our clients. This is why we send regular reports on your accounts.

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Whether you are looking to optimize your email campaigns, need a logo made, or want a fully customized website designed, we have the solution. Contact us today by using the form below and take the first step on growing your business to the next level!

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