6 Tips for Exceptional Restaurant Web Design

Jan 16, 2023 | Website Services

6 Tips for Exceptional Restaurant Web Design

At Dedicated Designs, we regularly receive questions from prospective clients about what qualities make up exceptional restaurant web design.  Part of our job here as a leading marketing company in the Sacramento Area is not only to design effective, engaging, and functional websites, but is also to advise our clients about what exactly it means to be a “good“ restaurant website in the first place. 

When designing your website, we make sure to follow certain guidelines to help you not only attract new customers, but to ensure those customers turn into regular visitors at your establishment. While there are many important facets to creating high quality restaurant web design, our web design company likes to focus on the following to start: 


#1 Regularly Update Key Information:

It’s absolutely no use attracting visitors to your restaurant if your hours are incorrect on your website. If they show up after hours or on a day when you’re closed, not only will they not be patronizing your restaurant that day, but they will likely be annoyed and associate that bad experience with your business. At our web design company, we make sure to update your hours regularly and keep all other pertinent information up-to-date as well such as phone number, location(s), email address/contact form, and important links. 


#2 Avoid PDFs: 

PDFs on a website tend to make it less functional and user friendly. PDFs are rarely ADA compliant which means you are losing customers who can’t read your menu online and potentially opening yourself up to an ADA compliance liability. Moreover, PDFs are bad for your restaurant’s SEO because Google sees the PDF as one piece of content. Google ranks websites that have more relevant content higher in search rankings so having your website listed out on the website using text and images gives Google much more content to properly rank your site higher.  Avoiding PDFs altogether is best in order to create a restaurant web design that functions well on Google and is interactive and user-friendly for all visitors. 


#3. Include a Touchable Phone Number: 

While this may seem like a no-brainer, it’s still surprising how many companies leave this out of the restaurant web design process. A touchable phone number is essential because once people are engaged with your site and want to contact you, you need to make it as easy and convenient as possible for them to do so. With a touchable phone number, literally one touch of their screen connects them with a real human at your restaurant to make reservations or ask questions. This improves the likelihood you will get a new customer! 


#4. Invest in Pictures:

At Dedicated Designs we work with top photographers to make sure you have the highest quality photos for your website. If you want to have an impactful site that draws people in and is visually appealing to customers, but aren’t willing to invest in high-quality photography, the site will only be as good as the photos.


#5. Talk About your Process: 

Customers want to do more at a restaurant than just eat there; they typically want to connect with the atmosphere, mission, and process to have a more enriching experience. This is where Dedicated Designs can help promote branding, and by talking about your process, we can engage your customer and put your restaurant a cut above your competition

Whether you are showing guests how you make homemade pizza dough with your Italian grandmother’s recipe or discussing the way you brew craft beers in your brewery, customers like to engage with the process and feel like they are a part of your restaurant community. Offering a behind-the-scenes tour can also be a unique way to draw in new visitors. 


#6. Share your History or Connection with the Local Area: 

If your restaurant happens to have a rich history in your community that dates back many years, or a connection to the local area, such as a booth at the weekly farmers market, a partnership with a local nonprofit, or a place in the Chamber of Commerce, customers like to hear about these other ways you engage in the community. We can help design your website to showcase your history on the land and or connection to the surrounding area, and this can be a powerful draw for new guests and returning visitors alike. 


Why Choose Us as Your Web Design Company?

At Dedicated Designs, our innovative web design company features a committed team of staff who specialize in restaurant web design, so that you don’t have to! By allowing us to take care of your website’s initial build and continued updates and marketing needs, you will guarantee your restaurant web design will be exemplary, stylish, and functional, and you will always have the personal, friendly service that you deserve

We pride ourselves on doing work in a timely manner and maintaining exceptional communication with our clients, and there’s no more dedicated web design company in the Sacramento Area than Dedicated Designs… as our name implies. 


Contact Us Today

You can reach out to us to get a quote on your very own restaurant web design by filling out our digital form here. Our team is always ready to assist with answering questions and recommending services, and you can also reach us by calling (916) 243- 5003. We look forward to partnering with you for the incredible restaurant web design service you deserve.

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